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This will give us the opportunity to:

  • You have many choices in the valley. Come meet our team so we can show you why we are the best CrossFit Affiliate to learn and grow with.
  • Discuss your goals & determine your fitness baseline.
  • Participate in a brief CrossFit workouts, so you can see what it is like!

What should you expect from CrossFit Tempest when you join?

• Personal attention! We have smaller group classes to help newer athletes learn! It is similar to small group personal training!

• Intense, scalable, scientifically based effective workouts

• Supportive community of ALL ages!

• Progress tracking, nutrition help & a learning environment.

  • We are the leaders of Fitness in Scottsdale.
  • We are passionate coaches and athletes dedicated to daily improvement of self and others.
  • At the core of our approach to fitness is a CrossFit methodology which views training as a sport, and trains the body as a whole through functional movements which are constantly varies and performed at the highest intensities.
  • Although we are for anyone, we are not for everyone. We are for those who truly desire to maximize their fullest potential and to live the best life imaginable.

Our classes deliver RESULTS! After one month, your transformation will be initiated. By month number two, your friends will want to know your secret!

CrossFit is hard work. Although the workouts are challenging, you do not need to lose weight or get into shape before coming to CrossFit Tempest. Our workouts are appropriate and beneficial for all levels of athleticism, age, and ability. All of the movements in class can be modified to accommodate former couch potatoes to elite level athletes and everyone in between.  Warning – CrossFit Temepst is for motivated individuals only. Yes we have a blast but if you came to have a social hour, this is not the place for you. Save it for before & after class!

What our students/athletes are saying:

“One of the things that is really remarkable about CrossFit, to me, is the comradarie… It is what makes these workouts possible. I cannot IMAGINE, even with all the same equipment at my disposal, doing these level and intensity of workouts at my normal Gym. I just wouldn’t push myself the same way. I feel very fortunate to have found CrossFit Tempest… ” Autumn

When you walk in at CrossFit Tempest, the coaches not only know your name, but care that you are there and are ready and willing to do everything they can to help you improve your physical fitness. I joined Tempest with the full intention of only being a member for a few months and then incorporating their program into my normal routine. However, I have been a member since they opened and coun’nt imagine training without these guys! – Mike W

Why CrossFit Tempest? When I decided to make the jump from P90X, I found a handful of boxes around my area (Glendale). None of them peaked my interest. Plus, I don’t want to work out in someone’s garage/driveway. Broadening my search brought up two Scottsdale locations. I emailed one “big name” facility and they never replied.  My sis and I ended up calling Tempest and they immediately set us up for an appointment. It’s been 6 months since we started and I consider it like home.

All in all, I’m glad the other location treated me with deplorable customer service because Jason and Shane are pro’s. They help push me to the edge of the “cliff” and in turn exceeds my expectation of what I can do. The facility’s large, the community is welcoming and very friendly. Well worth the money and 60 mile round trip — I think of it as an investment for my body and long term healthcare. – Keith D.

“Guys, I can’t thank you enough. You have changed my life! Everywhere I’ve gone people notice the weight and fat loss. Feels f’n awesome!” – Fernando

Thank you Shane and Jason for instilling a lifestyle that is not only physically healthy, but lifestyle healthy… and it’s fun! Excellent coaching and wonderful support of everyone at CrossFit Tempest. It is a great group of people! Everyone should experience this….getting down to your raw self! Just try it! – Joy L

I am a bit of a CrossFit junkie.  Meaning that I love visiting other CrossFit “boxes” and I also go to the CrossFit Regionals and the Finals each year in Carson, CA. I KNOW a good thing when I see it, CrossFit Tempest is amazing! I have watched it grow from the very first day when I thought the increased distance would discourage me from going but NOOOOOO. Shane and Jason are the Yin & Yang of the best of the best. They are knowledgeable and have done an amazing job of communicating enthusiasm towards all of us. We are certainly a mixed bag of athletes that attend but that’s because there is an opportunity for REAL growth for EVERYONE.  If you want to get better FAST and love the pain – excuse me I am sure I mean GAIN…do it. JOIN US. You’ll be welcomed with open arms and a big wag of the tail from the gym mascot Roo. – Janice -

I have been working out consistently for over 30 years and have not come across better trainers or a better program than that at CrossFit Tempest. Once involved, you realize that other programs that do not help extend your “limits” have actually been doing you a disservice – by not helping you to reach your full potential.

Jason and Shane have created an atmosphere that makes something that is very difficult also very, very enjoyable. It shows in the wonderful people who have joined as members.

If you want to get in the best shape of your life – through hard work with no excuses – this is the place. Highly recommended. – CARLOS-

Haven’t we all had memberships at gyms that we use when we can, when nothing else is a “priority” and where we can blow dry our hair after lounging in scented steam rooms?  And when we don’t show up, no one notices as long as the dues are paid?  C is hard, there are no spas, no mirrors and no meditative music playing while your eyes are closed. You will do things you never thought you could do and while you try, you are encouraged and cheered on by everyone there doing it with you.  CrossFit Tempest cares if you don’t show up.  And when you do, Jason and Shane are there to train, motivate and push you to places that you never thought you could go.  Great community and THE BEST trainers I have ever worked with. – JEAN B-

If you’re like me, you’re always skeptical with new fitness routines; I came to CrossFit Tempest with the same skepticism. My first workout, I wanted to quit.  I thought I needed to get in shape before I could start something this extreme.  But I was talked into giving it a week. That week soon became 3 months and after countless ridiculously tough mornings, pools of sweat, and burning pain the proof is in the pudding… I’ve lost 24 pounds and 5.5% body fat. – M.C.-

CrossFit is not just about getting in shape…it is about the community pushing each other through the workouts.  CrossFit forces you to do movements and exercises that you would never do in a gym and helps you get in better overall shape. If you like bicep curls and doing pointless machine exercises, then this is not the gym for you. If you want to push yourself harder than you ever have before and really learn about fitness and nutrition, than keep reading. The coaches are excellent. You feel like you’re receiving personal training, except there is no sympathy…only results. This particular CrossFit gym has a great friendly atmosphere and people do not judge your abilities, instead they cheer you on and help you improve and achieve your goals. The facility is very large, with plenty of room, new equipment, and the coaches are constantly trying to improve the facility, equipment and workouts.  We have made great friends at CrossFit!  Some people may think CrossFit is expensive, but it is well worth the money.  Give up eating out once or twice a month….there are no excuses. -AMY S-